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Thoughts of today


You could 

Amaze me with your thoughts 

Dazzle me with your mighty wings 

You should 

Let fear drip like rain 

From the tips of your feathers 

To soak their lands 

And the seeds of happiness 

In the overwhelming clouds above 

And let it rain….

The rain drops shall write your scriptures 

Deep into the skulls of mankind 

Buried into the fields of Eden 

And when the rain shall stop

And the midnight sun will burst.

They’ll rise from the darkness 

They’ll burn the texts that enslaved mankind for millenniums

They’ll  turn fear into light

They’ll crush the shackles imposed by generations of zealots 

The holly see will boil 

Under the midnight Sun 

And life, 

Life shall emerge again

Life shall flourish 

As it should 


These are just random thoughts of today

Written in my way 

Published inPoezii

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