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The day I met the Devil

I met the devil today

It was raining,

The falling raindrops created a symphony of tears,

I thought that, angels cry.

He asked me how I’ve been

Since I left hell,

That was a long time ago 

When humanity was still learning the art of war

He was well dressed and groomed

He bowed to me 

The he said, you are doomed 

To walk the earth 

Forever since your birth; 

I laughed in his face

Then i looked deep in his soul

Yes, he has a soul

And I told him;

You say I’m doomed 

Because I left!!!

I left because hell has lost its glory

Demons are softer than most angels 

The fire is colder than ice

And the place is an empty desert.

I told him I spoke to God earlier 

And heaven its not full either 

And then the devil stopped me, and said 

Why do you think I’m here on earth ?

There is no heaven there is no hell

It all moved here

People are running to nowhere 

Shackled by their screens 

Mesmerized by emptiness 

And living a life that’s not meant to be lived 

All my struggle In hell is futile 

Humans built their hell here

And some, but very few made small havens inside themselves;

I’m unemployed my friend 

That’s why you’re doomed 

There is no throne waiting down for you 

You left me a kingdom 

But now …. 

Now I’m here telling you 

I resign 

Humanity has lost its purpose

All of them live, but

Nothing is alive anymore

So, let’s hit a pub and have a drink 

And wait for my wings to fall

And maybe yours to grow back, again …


Today I met the devil


I can’t be a devil no more.

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  1. Ciprian Coman Ciprian Coman

    I was carrying my cross up the hill , while the people on the street were shouting:
    – Look at the wood thief !
    (Silvestru Danila, 2001)

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