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More than ever…

More than ever, is forever 

And forever it’s just the cousin of infinity, 

infinity is utopian;

And all this terms are juggling in my head

And you’re the puppeteer, 

You hold the strings… somehow 

Not sure how they got there, 

Wrapped around your fingers

But they move me in a way I love.

If the strings are made out of thoughts !

Then I’m the archangel of thinking 

In a heaven that’s shrinking, bit by bit,

Until it will implode, in Morningstar’s pit.

And like this forever gets back to more than ever 

Encompassing infinity and utopia, in those strings

That flow into me, through your fingers ,

Making me high, high enough to fly …

Sunbathing on clouds, counting comets 

Drawing Aramaic letters from your lips 

To place them on the orbit, 

So, all the souls could read that;


More than ever is forever.

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